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We all know this but often ignore it – it’s essential to keep your chimney clean to avoid the build up of tar and creosote which could lead to a serious fire. Birds also try to build their nests in your chimney, again this is a fire hazard. For a modest price we can clean your chimney every year or twice a year if you use your wood burner or stove as your primary heating source.

Elite Chimney Sweep Services

Your Local Professional Friendly Sweep

Power Chimney Sweeping Devon

Rotary Power Sweeping

Using the latest equipment we can carry out a far more efficient clean than manual sweeping. This is fully approved by all liner companies and is less destructive than manual sweeping. Read more about rotary sweeping here.

Large Chimney Sweeping Devon

Traditional and Manual Sweeping

Generally for bigger Inglenook fireplaces. We carry the BIG 24″ brush for this purpose which enables extremely efficient sweeping.

Clean Chimney Sweep Cornwall Area

Dust Free Service

At Elite Chimney Sweep we pride ourselves on cleanliness and a mess free service. We use only Numatic twin motor vacuums with Hepa filtered bags to enable the removal of harmful soot deposits. Elite Chimney Sweep hold an Environmental Agency waste carrier licence to remove all debris from your home.

Cctv Chimney Video Inspection Devon

CCTV Inspection Camera

We can live view and record in colour inside your chimney or flue to determine internal construction faults, water ingress, signs of birds’ nests or to prove a chimney is clear after bird nest removal. This system offers peace of mind and far more accurate sweeping.

Chimney Sweep Certificates

Chimney Sweeping Certificates

We issue a certificate every time we clean your chimney or flue. This is often useful if you are selling your home – it indicates that your are diligent and take safety seriously. Always keep your certificates and chimney sweeping records safe.

Birds Next Removal Chimney Sweep Devon

Birds’ Nests Removal

Whether its a new nest or 10-15 years of nest material we can remove this in a controlled clean manner. We are very careful to avoid damage to your chimney and birds during the process. All debris and material is removed from your home.

Chimney Pot Fitting Devon

Installation of Chimney Pots, Flues and Bird Guards

We can install fully insulated flue systems, replace chimney pots and make your chimney bird nest safe. No more twigs and nests!

Stove Wood Burner Repairs Launceston

Stove Repair and Servicing

We carry most sizes of stove ropes and gaskets, sealants and fire cement to carry out essential on-the-spot repairs. It is important to keep your stove well sealed to increase its efficiency. All flue seals should be carefully inspected each time your chimney is swept.

Chimney Smoke Test

Smoke Tests

For chimneys or flues which have restricted access or cannot be easily inspected we always perform a smoke test. It’s a straight forward process which tests that your chimney or flue has a clear path and ensures your safety.

Smoke Detector Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation Devon

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors Installation

Elite Chimney Sweep can correctly and professionally install detectors to save lives. Every home with a solid fuel, oil or gas appliance should have at least one carbon monoxide detector installed.


Traditionally, the lucky sweep attends your wedding – not to sweep the chimney but to become a little more involved by kissing the bride (optional) and shaking the hand of the groom.

The tradition can be traced back around 200 years to an occasion when a fearless London chimney sweep stepped out into the path of the runaway horses and carriage of King George II.

Elite Chimney Sweeps are very happy to supply a chimney sweep for your wedding. We promise he won’t be too sooty!